"No More Peanut Butter Sandwiches: a father, a son with special needs, and their journey with God"

Peter Pan…In Case You Wonder

      Many people have speculated about why my book is entitled, “No More Peanut Butter Sandwiches.” I’ve been amused hearing from so many people who think it’s related to my son’s autism.   But the book is really about finding God’s presence, and learning to discern from Him in the midst of our struggles and trying circumstances. It’s about hope, encouragement, and inspiration for all of us Read More


Band of Brothers

    Salesmen, engineers, policemen, IT professionals, truck drivers, small business workers, contractors, and factory workers.   Blue collar, white collar, or no collar at all.   Car by car they drove up the hill to the rustic lodge.   Men from different backgrounds, different ethnic heritages, different professions, and different parts of the country- all gathering together for the Read More


The Caregiver’s Notebook

  I've never done this on my blog before but I am so excited about my friend Jolene Philo's new book that I asked her to share with my readers and our families about her new book. Many of you know Jolene from her wonderful site DifferentDream.com. I look forward to our family using her new book, The Caregiver's Notebook ourselves!   Why Did God Choose You to Write The Caregiver’s Notebook?   Every Read More


No More Peanut Butter Sandwiches

      Ask any adult over 30 if they remember where they were on the morning of September 11, 2001, and almost everyone can tell you the answer.   As the twin towers of New York City fell in a terrorist attack, I was passing through our den on the way to my home office. I sat down quickly in a chair, and I did not move for the next four hours.   As vivid as those memories are to me, I also remember Read More


Taste and See

    I need to make a confession.   My given name is Jeff Davidson, but at home, I often go by my aliases.   i have a secret identity.   I am the Food Whisperer.   I also have been known to go by the name The Meds Whisperer.   To help teach me patience, the Lord gave me a child with the oddest particulars and idiosyncrasies when it comes to eating. Throw non-verbal autism, Read More

25 Signs of a Vacant Dad

25 Warnings Signs You’re Becoming A Vacant Dad

    I don’t remember the first time I used the phrase “vacant dad."   As I interact daily within the special-needs community though, I am convinced that we have an epidemic of vacant dads. I call it the Vacant Dad Syndrome.   What exactly is a “vacant dad?”   There are two variations of vacant dads within the special-needs community. The first, and most familiar, is the dad who walks out Read More

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The Heart of the Special-Needs Dad

      By all the usual measures, I was winning the game. Some would say I was even running up the score.   A man usually defines himself by where he is in his career, his earnings level, and how he compares his life to others. It’s how men are taught to keep score.   We seem to define our strength as men by how we are doing as warrior, protector, and provider. That’s our identity. Read More


Superman Turns 17

    “Good night Superman.”   Last night, like I have every night since I can remember, I uttered those words to my son as we tucked him into bed.   When I have finished praying over him for the night, I pull him up out of his bedroom swing, and I hug him. Then we assist him over to his bed and maneuver him into a safe position. He leans in and kisses his mom on the cheek and she whispers, “I love Read More



    “Don’t you feel cheated about the life you imagined you and your son would have?   Don’t you feel like you have been robbed of so many blessings by having a child who can’t talk, can’t walk, and can’t really do any of the things a typical child can do?”   “Don’t you feel robbed of all the activities a dad and a typical child get to do together?”   The questions come often. Every Read More


The Parable of the Two Dads

    Once upon a time, two dads of children with special needs were walking down the road together. Both of them were raising children who had been diagnosed just a few years ago.   Neither one said very much at first, as they walked along in silence. Both were, in effect, still reeling, still trying to sort out this new life, and still trying to navigate this road for special-needs Read More