25 Warnings Signs You’re Becoming A Vacant Dad

    I don’t remember the first time I used the phrase “vacant dad."   As I interact daily within the special-needs community though, I am convinced that we have an epidemic of vacant dads. I call it the Vacant Dad Syndrome.   What exactly is a “vacant dad?”   There are two variations of […]

The Heart of the Special-Needs Dad

      By all the usual measures, I was winning the game. Some would say I was even running up the score.   A man usually defines himself by where he is in his career, his earnings level, and how he compares his life to others. It’s how men are taught to keep score. […]

Superman Turns 17

    “Good night Superman.”   Last night, like I have every night since I can remember, I uttered those words to my son as we tucked him into bed.   When I have finished praying over him for the night, I pull him up out of his bedroom swing, and I hug him. Then […]


    “Don’t you feel cheated about the life you imagined you and your son would have?   Don’t you feel like you have been robbed of so many blessings by having a child who can’t talk, can’t walk, and can’t really do any of the things a typical child can do?”   “Don’t you […]

The Parable of the Two Dads

    Once upon a time, two dads of children with special needs were walking down the road together. Both of them were raising children who had been diagnosed just a few years ago.   Neither one said very much at first, as they walked along in silence. Both were, in effect, still reeling, still […]

Top 10 Church Myths About Special Needs Ministry

    As I work with churches to help them develop, implement, and vision for special needs ministry, I’m finding there are often many misperceptions or myths about special needs ministry that initially need addressing and dispelling.   Unfortunately, these myths have so penetrated churches that too many are hesitant or reluctant to do special […]

One More Night With The Frogs

photo credit museum.wa.gov.au    The rhythmic croaking was strangely melodious.   I would mentally filter out all the other background noise that flowed out of the woods adjacent to our house. The birds, the crickets, all the other sounds would fade away until I could only hear the frogs.   They croaked in a harmonious […]

A Letter to the Dad in the Red Cap

    If you haven’t seen the video of the father dancing with his wheelchair bound daughter at a pageant, you have to watch this clip here.     Dear dad in the red ball cap,   I just watched a video of you dancing with your daughter with special needs at a pageant. She […]

Yielding My Pen to Greg Lucas

    On Thursday of this week, I make my debut as a writer for 1corinthians13parenting.com. This is an amazingly gifted team of folks who write from a variety of perspectives on parenting. I am joining the team to contribute from the perspective of a father of a son with special needs. Earlier this week, […]

Help Wanted

    Next week another Father’s Day arrives. This will be my 16th as the father of a son with special needs. I was thinking today about all the new dads of children with special needs who will be celebrating their very first Father’s Day this year, and the ones who just received a diagnosis […]